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World Top Universities Page 3

Rank College Name Country  
41. University of Toronto Canada More
42. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong More
43. University of Queensland Australia More
44. Osaka University Japan More
45. University of New South Wales Australia More
46. Boston University United States More
47. Monash University Australia More
48. University of Copenhagen Denmark More
49. Trinity College Dublin Ireland More
50. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland More
50. Peking University China More
50. Seoul National University Korea, South More
53. University of Amsterdam Netherlands More
54. Dartmouth College United States More
55. University of Wisconsin-Madison United States More
56. Tsinghua University China More
57. Heidelberg Universität Germany More
58. University of California, San Diego United States More
59. University of Washington United States More
60. Washington University in St. Louis United States More
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