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IIT Kharagpur

Established in the year 1951, the IIT Kharagpur has been a great seat of learning for the engineering students. The government of India has also awarded it the status of an Institute of National Importance. Owing to the high quality standards of education maintained here, the IIT Kharagpur has also been ranked as one of the top engineering institutes in the country. IIT Kharagpur is also popularly known as Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur or IIT KGP.

Set on an area of 2100 acres, the IIT Kharagpur is located at about 120 kms from West Kolkata. With about 470 faculty members and over 5500 students enrolled into the various disciplines, the IIT Kharagpur is also popular for its cultural and educational festivals that are held within the premises, all throughout the year. There is a large sports complex and an open air auditorium that offer themselves as excellent places to host sports and cultural festivals and activities. Illumination and Kshitij are a few of the most popular ones to name.

There are about 18 residential halls in the IIT Kharagpur. Both men and women are separately lodged in these hostels and there is one specific hostel dedicated to house scholars from the Armed forces, at the postgraduate level.

IIT Kharagpur is a recipient of promising funds extended to it by the government and other industry sponsored projects. It boasts of fantastic infrastructure exhibited through the 130 schools of excellence, research centers and laboratories, 80 multi disciplinary centers and 100 academic departments. Its Rural Developing Center RDC has been set up to even benefit the local community through its customized technologies. Community service like sanitation and road construction are also taken care of and coordinated by the RDC of the IIT Kharagpur. For the benefit of qualified engineers and scientists, a CEP (continuing education programme) has been set up to enable them to learn and gain experience on new technologies in their disciplines.

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