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IIT in India

The Indian Institute of Technology is popularly called as the IIT in India. There are about 7 IIT’s in India that are responsible for the training and overall personality development of the scientists and engineers who pass out of these reputed institutes every year. Other than the 7 IIT’s in India that have been functioning for a long time now, 8 more have been proposed to be set up across the various other cities. Setting up of more IIT institutes will help cater to a bigger number of students across the country and the country will thus benefit from the expertise of a much bigger group of IIT professionals. IIT in India is one of the most prestigious organizations of the country. To become an IITian is the ultimate aim of millions of students aspiring to become world class engineers in a variety of disciplines.

The 7 IIT’s in India are popularly called after the cities they are located in:

IIT Delhi: IIT Delhi was established in the year 1961 as the College of Engineering. Set amidst a sprawling 320 acres, this IIT located in the Hauz Khas area is blessed with 11 hostels, 426 faculty members and 26 departments, centers and schools.

IIT Kanpur: The IIT Kanpur is one of the oldest IIT institutes in India functioning since 1959. It caters to about 4000 students every year at the under graduate and post graduate levels.

IIT Mumbai: Set up under the expert guidance of Soviet Union and the UNESCO, the IIT Mumbai started imparting lessons since 1958. It has about 24 departments and more than 4000 students take pride in being associated with rhe institute every year.

IIT Chennai:Besides imparting courses to train students in to becoming engineers, the IIT Chennai also runs an integrated MA programme in Humanities.

IIT Kharagpur: The IIT Kharagpur besides housing the largest techincal library in Asia is also home to one of the largest IIT campuses! It is set amidst a sprawling area of 2100 acres with 29 departments and more than 5000 students.

IIT Guwahati: Located in the scenic northern banks of the Brahmaputra river, the IIT Guwahati was set up in 1994. Set amidst 705 acres, this institute besides attracting millions of aspirants very year, also attracts tourists owing to its natural beauty and the ambiance. It functions with as many as 14 departments with 152 faculty members.

IIT Roorkee: This institute was initially established as the “University of Roorkee’’ in the year 1847. It was later recognized as IIT Roorkee in 2001. With 12 hostels for the students and 2 campuses, this IIT in India is definitely one of the best in the order.

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