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Study in Singapore

Education in Singapore is renowned all over the world for its high standards that are maintained across all schools, colleges and other institutes of higher education in the country. Owing to this, millions of international students from some of the major world destinations come here to study as well as secure their future in any if the numerous fields and genres.

Ministry of Education is the central body that governs all policies and strategies of the educational system in Singapore. It has made it mandatory for children of primary school age to attend school and it is a criminal offence in case parents failed to get their wards enrolled into schools. The Ministry of Education is also responsible for partially funding of the Voluntary Welfare Organizations that takes care of the education for the disabled students.

With this article we strive to offer to you information on the various aspects about the Study in Singapore. The names of the most reputed schools and colleges have also been included in this list.

Study in Singapore is facilitated to the students; both domestic as well as foreign, through the schools, colleges as well as universities and other institutes. The state run schools as well as private schools receive government aid in terms of funds and resources in various proportions and ratios. English remains the first language and is the medium of instruction in most schools and colleges. Study in Singapore is characterized by the various classes at the school level: Kindergarten, Primary Education and Secondary Education

Clearing of the Primary School Leaving Examination is mandatory for securing admission into any of the secondary schools. At the secondary education level a student is free to choose his stream as well as subjects from the available number of subjects. Beyond this level, a student may enroll himself into the pre university level courses for pursuing higher education. There are as many as 17 Junior Colleges to facilitate students at this level. Students looking forward to pursuing post graduate courses can get themselves enrolled into any of the two universities located in Singapore. Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore are the two to name.

Study in Singapore is also featured by a number of courses available in the polytechnics, private vocational institutes as well as International schools. Be it mathematics, humanities, management courses or other technical subjects, besides the local students, even the international students as a part of the students exchange programmes, can benefit from them.
Study in Singapore
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