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Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most sought after destinations in the world when it comes to offering quality education to students. Owing to the world class facilities that are offered to the students in the various schools, colleges and universities; millions of students from all over the world come here to study. With this article of study in New Zealand we wish to bring to you some of the most significant information relating to the same.

Let us split up the various stages of education that forms the essentials parts of study in New Zealand and discuss them in detail.

Primary education in New Zealand

Primary education is compulsory for students in New Zealand. One can opt to send their wards to the state run, state integrated or the private run schools. While the former two are completely funded by the government, the latter is partially funded by the government and partially and partially run from the fees etc collected from the students.

Secondary education in New Zealand

Secondary education is compulsory as well and it is mandatory for all students to complete this level in order to further seek admission into the university level courses and for tertiary education. There are over 400 schools in New Zealand offering secondary education and roughly follows a pattern of the last 5 years after the 8 years of primary schooling according to the 13 year plan of study in New Zealand.

University/ Tertiary education in New Zealand

Beyond the secondary level education, students in New Zealand can opt to take up bachelor degree courses across a variety of subjects. A bachelor degree generally takes about 3 -4 years to complete and after that one could opt to take up a Masters Degree and even a Doctoral Degree in any of the related fields as well. There are a number of polytechnics and other institutes offering a number of vocational courses too that a student could take up as an interesting career option. To aid to the students with financial constraints, a number of allowances and student loans schemes are available. However it is advisable to gather information on the same before opting to study in New Zealand as they vary for permanent residents as well as non permanent residents in the country.

A degree from any of the recognized universities or institutes in New Zealand is recognized all over and guarantees for great opportunities at the international market too. Therefore if you were looking for a destination far from home that could provide you with quality educational facilities and interesting job opportunities too, studying n New Zealand could be a great option!
Study in New Zealand
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