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Study in Japan

Japan is one of the Asian nations that attract a large number of international students to come and study in its universities and private institutes and carve a niche for themselves in the global market in any of the numerous fields available for them. Study in Japan is facilitated in the schools, colleges, junior colleges, universities as well as a number of private institutes that specialize in offering a wide variety of courses and subjects. If you were planning to enroll yourself into any of the available courses or study in Japan, you could find this article handy as we have gathered information on all aspects related to the genre.

Study in Japan begins at the kindergarten and nursery levels. A huge number of students are enrolled into the schools at this level that is almost a stepping stone to the elementary schools. Students at this level are imparted education on a wide selection of subjects and academic matters. Both public as well as private schools are available for the students to choose from with the fee structure being slightly higher in the private schools as compared to the public ones. A particular class generally comprises of a 50 minute period with about 40 students in it. Different teachers take care of the different subjects and the students are open to even take up a number of extra curricular activities like sports, languages and even fine arts and music. Schooling includes lower as well as upper secondary levels and even vocational studies are included in the curriculum, which opens numerous avenues of employment for the students.

Study in Japan at the university level consists of a four year bachelor degree course that covers a huge variety of subjects ranging from arts and humanities to engineering and from business to accounting and law. Most of the universities offer for courses that are imparted in Japanese and a few of the institutes also offer classes in English. The system of EJU as well as entrance examination determines the eligibility of the students applying for the courses. An assortment of courses is also available as a part of the students exchange programs and scholarships are also offered to for the students by the government.
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