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Study in Hong Kong

Although an ancient system of education is believed to have been popular among the natives of Hong Kong, the modern education system introduced in the island around the 1960's completely changed the already existing one. The new system is essentially based on the comprehensive school system of the United Kingdom with primary and secondary education forming the two essential components of the schooling life of a student. Study in Hong Kong is made available to the students above 6 years and is compulsory for all. However students below that age group are also sent to kindergarten schools and although popular, they are not compulsory.

At the primary level, a student is exposed to a number of subjects including Chinese, Mathematics as well as English, Arts and Music. Parents of children attending kindergarten schools are also eligible for various education vouchers and compensations depending upon the total expenditure of school fees, whether half day or full day kindergartens. Most primary schools in Hong Kong have Chinese as the medium of instruction and the few schools imparting lessons in English are called the EMI schools.

Secondary education is offered to the students in the higher schools and clearing of the Hong Kong certificate of Education Examination is mandatory for all seeking admission into these schools. Students at this level are also free to opt for subjects belonging to the Science, Arts and Commerce streams.

Study in Hong Kong is especially favorable for students desiring to take up tertiary education with a number of universities and tertiary institutes waiting to welcome them to their midst. Other than the regular students, tertiary education is also popular among the adults who wish to complete their educational degrees and thereby better their chances and career prospects at work place in any of the related fields.

In short, study in Hong Kong across all levels could concise into the following:

6 years of primary schooling
3 years of junior secondary schooling (Form 1 - Form 3)
3 years of senior secondary schooling (Form 4 - Form 6)
4 years of tertiary education (Undergraduate degrees, Post graduate degrees, Associate degrees and Doctoral degrees)
Study in Hong Kong
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