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Study in Canada

Study in Canada is a provincial affair with the provinces being responsible for the overseeing of the curriculum. The Canadian Education system is funded and managed by the federal, provincial as well as local governments. Study in Canada follows the 3-tier model. Primary, Secondary and Post secondary forming its 3 levels. The Ministry of education along with the local school boards administer the various educational programs here. Compulsory Study in Canada is followed in every province till the age of 16. However, in New Brunswick and Ontario, the compulsory age is 18.

Study in Canada at the school level ranges from Kindergarten to the 12 Standard. Both French and English medium schools are available across all the provinces in the country.

Some of the most well known schools in Canada are:

- General Brock Elementary School, Vancouver
- Crofton House School, Vancouver
- Shawnigan lake School, Sahwnigan Lake
- Toronto French School
- Trinity College School
- St. Clement’s School, Toronto
- St. George’s School, Vancouver
- The Bishop Strachan School, Toronto

There are over 90 universities in Canada offering Bachelors and Masters Degree programs in a variety of subjects. Owing to the high quality of Study in Canada, the degrees, diplomas and other qualifications offered in the universities here are all globally recognized.

Some of the best known colleges and universities in Canada that also attract hordes of international students especially from the Asian communities are:

- Acadia University
- Brandon University
- British Columbia Institute of Technology
- Canadore College
- Concordia University
- Douglas College
- King’s College
- Nova Scotia Agricultural College
- Simon Fraser University
- Trinity Western University

Colleges in Canada offer degrees in Business Management, Medicine, Engineering and various others. Since the major institutes are all placed in the some of the most popular cities, travelling to them for admissions and arranging for stay after that is very convenient even for the international students.
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