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Masters Online programs

Masters online programs enable a student to pursue a course at the Post Graduate level through the online means. Masters programs are also popularly called as the Masters Degree courses in several important universities of the world. Online education is becoming increasingly popular across students from various walks of life and culture owing to its flexibility in nature. Most of the renowned universities of the world offer masters online programs to attract and benefit a larger number of students and professionals interested in the various fields.

A few of the most popular Masters Online Programs and degrees across the various fields are:

- Business Management and Communication
- Software Engineering
- Special Education
- Marketing
- Criminal Justice
- Civil Engineering
- Arts in Military History
- Psychology
- Nursing and health care
- Law
- Education
- History
- Geography
- Mathematics
- Aviation
- Web Designing

Universities for Masters online programs in Science and Technology

Some of the most popular universities offering Masters online programs in Science and technology genres have been mentioned below:

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
- The Open University (UK)
- College of Eastern Utah
- University of California, Berkeley
- Regis University
- Florida Technical University
- Boston University

Universities for Masters online programs in Arts and Humanities

The top universities offering Masters online programs in Arts and Humanities are:

- Savannah College of Art and design
- Hodges University
- Liberty University
- Grand Canyon University
- University of Phoenix
- Ashford University
- Walden University
- The Art Institute of Pittsburg Online Division

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