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GRE Exams

The Graduate Record Examination or the GRE exam is one of the most popular exams that are also standardized exams for admission into any of the graduate schools, especially in the US as well as a few other English speaking countries. Educational Testing Service administers the GRE exams that are made available to the students to be appeared online. The GRE exams assess the analytical, vocabulary and mathematical skills of the students other than the abstract thoughts and reasoning.

Some of the most significant features of the GRE exams have been mentioned below for you:
  • It is a computer based exam also holding provisions for appearing for it on paper
  • It comprises of 2 tests, one which is General and the other that is subjective. While the general test includes quantitative as well as verbal papers, the subjective part takes care of the psychological studies
  • The scores range between 200 800 marks in total
  • Graduate schools consider the verbal as well as the quantitative scores
  • For admission into the Post graduate programmes, an aggregate of 500 marks on both the tests are considered fine
  • For the doctoral programmes, a minimum of 550 marks on each of the papers is required
  • The Graduate Record Examination requires thorough preparation and it is advisable that aspiring students of the GRE exams start preparing early and much ahead of registration
  • Registration through online methods as well as email is made possible for the candidates
  • Geometry, algebra, vocabulary as well as reading comprehension are the areas that need thorough preparation for the aspiring students.
GRE Exam