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PHD Degrees

PHD Degrees are the highest academic degrees one can earn that are recognized in most of the countries across the world. PHD Degrees is the abbreviated form of Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor Philosophy that is renowned all over. A Ph.D Degree is awarded by the recognized universities of the world on the completion of a 2 year Doctoral program in the various disciplines of Science, Arts and Humanities, Commerce and various others.

The history of PHD Degrees date back to the medieval times when this degree was restricted only to the regime of legal studies and Islamic Law and was known as Doctor of Laws degree. Later, most of the European universities started referring to a doctoral degree as Doctor of Philosophy wherein the word Philosophy comprised of all disciplines except law, medicine and theology.

There are several arrangements and requirements one has to meet before completing a Ph. D degree in any discipline. Some of its most significant features have been mentioned below:

- Submitting of a Thesis or dissertation: Almost in every country of the world, a Ph. D Degree requires a thesis to be submitted to the university. In many countries this thesis or dissertation requires to be submitted before a panel of experts appointed by the university and in several cases the panel stipulates whether or not the thesis is acceptable and passable.

- Completing other advanced courses: Several Universities of the world also demands for the completion of other advanced courses in addition to the regular PH.D Degree. However, it is not mandatory everywhere.

- Taking part in research activities: Most of the Universitues require their PHD Degree students to take part in research activities. However, students enrolling themselves through the online PHD Degrees have flexible timings and schedules for taking part in all research activities.

A PHD Degree facilitates for a job as a Professor / Researcher in a university, a trend followed almost everywhere. Numerous jobs in the government sector especially in the higher ranks and also in the fields of NGO are facilitated for people with PHD degrees.

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