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Merchant Navy Courses

Merchant Navy courses are open to students who have an adventurous spirit and would love to take up a career that is beyond the conventional. Merchant navy takes care of the commercial services like transporting cargo, ferrying passengers as well as other specialized services. However, this genre takes care of only business related sea travel and not for military purposes like in a Navy. A glamorous lifestyle, interesting pay packets and opportunities to visit most places around the world, attract and invite students and aspirants to take up merchant navy courses that train people in the various aspects of the genre.

Merchant Navy courses are accompanied by a number of features and essential elements that one ought to know before opting for the same. The most significant ones are:

- Men and women are both welcome to take up jobs in this field and thus the courses are equipped to offer information on the various disciplines of the industry according to the distinct tastes and preferable genres.
- One needs to clear the IIT- JEE exams to enroll himself into any of the merchant navy courses.
- The most important areas of merchant navy courses are Navigation Science and Marine Engineering.
- There are a number of pre- sea courses also available that are open for engineering graduates in the discipline of mechanical and electrical engineering

Merchant Navy Institutes

Merchant navy courses in India are offered to the students by the below mentioned institutes that are equipped to offer courses in the disciplines of marine engineering and nautical sciences:

- The Training Ship Chanakya, Mumbai
- Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Mumbai
- Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata

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