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Financial Management Course

With more and more evolution as well as specialization happening in the world of business and management, there is an urgent need of professional finance managers that has arisen in the corporate sector today. To address to this constant demand, a number of institutes have come up that facilitates students to take up financial management courses that educates them across the various aspects of the industry. If you are a commerce graduate or have graduated in economics and would like to take up a career as a financial manager, read on to find out all that you wanted to know about this industry as well as the job possibilities.

Financial management courses train individuals across the various levels of state of the art techniques and methods of financial management. Some of the most significant aspects that are taken care of by the financial management courses are:

- Financial Planning and Forecasting
- Managing Cash Flow and Capital Management
- Evaluating financial performance
- Strategic financial planning
- Project management
- Human Resource Management
- Risk Management
- Basic Business Finance
- Treasury Management
- Chartered Accountancy
- Master in Business Administration (Finance & Marketing)

Financial management courses open doors to numerous opportunities that one can take up on its completion. From entry level jobs of financial managers and financial experts to the profile of Director Finance and Chief Financial Officers… the growth story in this realm is definitive and impressive too. The scope of jobs in the financial management profile is immense and thus attracts thousands of students to come and enroll themselves into any of the several financial management courses available.

Financial Management Institutes

Some of the most reputed organizations offering these courses are:

- Association of Financial Planners, Mumbai
- International College of Financial Planning, New Delhi
- Wigan and Leigh College (All centers across India)
- ICFAI (All centers across India)
- Institute of Financial and Investment Planning, Mumbai

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