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Creative Writing Courses

Creativity is definitely inborn and natural. However, you can always enhance your qualities and give direction to your skills to bring out the best in you, and creative writing courses positively helps you in doing just that. Many of us may be imaginative and be skilled enough to paint words and pen down thoughts and observations in the most creative and beautiful way.

However, we yet do not know that providing wings to that inherent skill of ours could actually develop our ability and help us carve a niche for ourselves in the world of writing. If you too share similar thoughts or know of a family member who is creative and interested in writing, you could avail of any of the creative writing courses.
One could make a career after successfully completing a creative writing course. To know about the various salient features of creative writing courses, read on…

- These courses help one to organize the creative writer in you.
- Creative writing courses train you in the various aspects of the genre – poetry, fiction, drama etc
- These courses educate you about the various nuances and styles that can make your written pieces all the more flowery and pleasurable to read.
- To enroll yourself to any of the creative writing courses, you must at least be a higher secondary pass out.
- Numerous bachelor degree level courses in the field are available for one to explore.
- Bachelors in English or related streams can also opt to study for a masters degree in creative writing courses.
- Creative writing courses open up a number of related profiles that one can take up. From writing fiction and non fiction to writing for newspapers and magazines, the list that one can choose from is impressive and fun.

Creative Writing Institutes

A few of the recognized institutes in India that offer creative writing courses are:

- Xavier Institute of Communication
- Workshops held by renowned writers, playwrights and poets
- The British Council

Career Courses

Career Courses