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Banking Courses

Banking courses offer for great careers that students can opt for after completing his graduation. Banks are definitely measures that bring about social and economic changes in the society and hence their reach and spread is vast and limitless. To cater to the ever increasing demand of skilled individuals to work in this industry as bankers, major institutes have come up with a number of banking courses to train students for the various positions in the industry.

Banking courses educate the interested students in a number of aspects related to the industry. Banks are no longer mere financial institutions which one can approach for savings etc. Thus, the banking courses today, train the students in taking care of the newer facilities and amenities introduced in the banks so that they can compete at an international level as well. A few of the most significant areas that banking courses train students in have been mentioned below:

- Resource management
- Operations funding
- Man power management
- Planning and strategy making
- Generation of Profit
- Handling of loans
- Mortgage handling
- Investment management
- Acquisitions/ mergers
- Forex Management
- International Funds etc

Banking courses have become popular by leaps and bounds today owing to the vast career scopes in the sector. One can be assured of great opportunities waiting to be explored in this genre after the successful completion of the banking courses. Out of the several areas that banking courses develop in an individual, communication with public, motivating them for the various plans and policies, currency values as well as knowledge on foreign exchange and monetary control top the list. The most recognized institutes offering courses on banking in India are:

National Institute of Bank Management, Pune
The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Centre for Advanced Financial Studies, Chennai

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