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Air Hostess Courses

Air hostess Courses enable one to pursue a successful career in the field of hospitality and aviation. Young girls with a pleasant personality and those who are excited about traveling to new places, and are interested in meeting new people can particularly opt for Air Hostess Courses. Personality development and grooming, enhancing communication skills, tips on fitness and various aspects of diet and health, besides the technical know-how of how to attend to dangerous situations and the fine nuances of how to make the journey comfortable for the passengers are especially imparted in the air hostess courses.

There are several reputed institutes located across the various significant cities of the world that offer air hostess courses to millions of students every year. Most of these institutes also offer for interesting placement facilities for its students as well.

Some of the most popular organizations offering air hostess courses in India are:
  • Air Hostess Academy (AHA), New Delhi
  • Frankfinn Management Consultants, New Delhi
  • Franfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Cochin
  • Appliq Airways Academy Pvt. Ltd, Agra
  • Aptima Air Hostess Academy, New Delhi
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
  • Freebird Aviation and Management Services, Kerala
There are several prerequisites that one must know of, prior to selecting the air hostess courses. Some of the most significant ones have been mentioned below for you:
  • Minimum qualification of 12th standard is required for admission into the air hostess courses.
  • Fluency of speech and preferably excellent in some of the most popular foreign languages (especially for people interested in serving in International airlines)
  • A minimum height of 5.6 and between the age gropu of 17 and 24.
  • Glamorous job but may be taxing at time owing to the changing schedules
  • Excessive traveling
  • Great career option for girls interested to pursue a career in the hospitality industry
  • Interesting pay packages
  • Great chances of growth up to the level of Senior Flight attendant
For people interested in air hostess courses, one may choose from tourism and hospitality and cabin crew training to ground handling and image makeover and personality grooming.

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