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Agriculture Courses

Agricultural Engineering provides better job prospects as compared to other branches. Their job is related to activities aimed at improving agriculture, reconstructing rural areas in general and agricultural machinery, power, farm structures, soil and water conservation and rural electrification. Food Corporation of India is the sole agency of the Central Government for state trading in food grams. It is also carrying out regular quality control operations in respect of both imported and indigenous food grains in its various storage deposits. National Commission of Agriculture was set up in October 1970 to enquire into the progress, problems and policies in Indian agriculture. Agricultural Research and Education is being undertaken by agricultural universities, institutions and post-graduate colleges for agricultural education and veterinary post-graduate colleges.

Business of agriculture is not as simple as it appears to be, as it does not end up with mere production. A number of activities take place in agro-industry, which provides jobs to scientists, engineers, technologists, sales and marketing people, besides the production people. These areas of work relate to production, food processing, grain and seed processing, meat and poultry packing, dairy processing, fats and oils, textiles, fibers, machinery and equipment, fertilizer and lime, pesticides, herbicide, feed manufacturing and constructions for which people with adequate knowledge in the respective fields are required. In order to regulate the functions of adequate and timely supply of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. at genuine price, as also to regulate quality of the food products supplied for consumption by people, there is requirement for people to inspect, grade, quality control chemicals, plants and animal quarantine, agricultural technicians, agricultural consultants, agricultural statisticians, veterinarians, foreign agricultural service, inspection and regulation, food and feed, seed and fertilizer. There are several Government agencies at center, state and district levels which make appoints of agricultural employees. In addition, at the international level the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and some other agencies related to the development of agriculture also appoint consultants.

Agriculture Job Corporations

Various corporations providing job opportunities to agriculturists include National Seed Corporation, State Farm Corporation and Warehousing Corporation and Food Corporation. Agricultural research, animal husbandry and forestry are carried on by the Indian Council of Agricultural research, Central Research Institutes and Commodity Committees. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research was set up on 16th July 1929. It is an apex organization for all agricultural and animal husbandry research and education in the country. National academy of Agricultural Research Management, organizes workshop short courses and seminars.

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