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Advertising Courses

The term 'Advertising' denotes those activities by which visual or oral messages are addressed to selected public for the purpose of informing and influencing them to buy products or services or to act or to be inclined favorable towards ideas. Advertising is only one way the media affects society directly. In the past ten years especially, job prospects have widened much further than traditional roles to include a whole array of people, working behind the scenes. The premium on public relations, promotions, research and technical skills is set to rise as the influence of the technological revolution continues to spread.

Advantages of advertising are:
  • Advertising creates demand
  • Promotes marketing system
  • Through advertising the manufactures can approach the consumers quickly and efficiently
  • Boosts economic growth.

Advertising as a Career

Advertising today is one of the most coveted career paths for young school and college graduates. A career in the field of advertising is multi-disciplinary for the one who has the passion, can think out of the box and want to be a part of of the visual communication industry. Students with such talent can choose a career in advertising, design, corporate communication, photography, print and publishing, packaging, e-commerce, films and animation.

The advertising sector opens out to two kinds of jobs-the executive and the creative. The executive department seeks out the clients, understands his needs, selects the appropriate media, analyses timing and placement of advertisements and negotiates the financial aspect of the deal. The executive department consists of account executive, media executive and market research. The creative department creates the advertisement copy. The creative team verbalizes and visualizes the specific need of the clients. The creative team comprises copywriters, scriptwriters, photographers, artists, typographers and printers. This is a highly competitive field and hence the level of professional has to be very high.

The job market for advertising professional is fast expanding. Apart from the traditional media like print, radio, TV and cinema, there are new avenues for promotional activities. The Internet is a rich prospect for the advertisement professional who can now like for opportunities in web designing. Also with the growth of event management in a big way, the future holds tremendous hope for the advertisement professionals.

Eligibility For Advertising Career

Although special personal characteristics are required for different jobs in the various departments of an advertisement agency, some of the common features are as follows:

1. Ability to work hard and work under pressure
2. Communication skills, public relations and team spirit, for the creative department.
3. Promptness to grasp the development taking place in the market and ability to act accordingly.
4. Need Talent and Aptitude.

Advertising Agency Departments

Expert at interacting with people since the job involves handling people from client to people in various departments.

The major role of client servicing is to interpret the inputs provided by the client with the support of the creative, media, film, production and studio team in addition to dealing with the client.

This department executive the advertising plan proposed by client servicing. It writes, directs and illustrates advertising, coordinating with the other department of the agency.

This department is responsible for the planning scheduling, booking and the purchase of space and time (In newspapers, magazines, TV's and outdoor hoardings). The media manager usually works with client servicing department to plan and implement the client's advertising. The department also keeps a check on the quality of reproduction of the advertisement.

Production and studio produce the advertisements and their members are technical experts on print. Typography, photography and other process and materials.

Irhis department is normally responsible for making sure that the office runs smoothly.

This department looks after the finance of the advertising agency.

Eligibility for Advertising Departments

1. Client SERVICING: A post-graduate diploma or MBA (Preferably) in marketing if you are good enough, you can even get through with a graduate degree I

2. FILM: Course in audiovisuals.

3. STUDI0: Course in commercial art.

4. PRODUCTION: Course in printing.

5. MEDIA: MBA or B.Sc. in statistics.

6. FINANCE: CA. ICWA.MBA. (Finance)

Career Courses

Career Courses